Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Car Entertainment: 1

Fionn Regan: Abacus (Universal, 2007)
Every now and again I make a CD to play in the car (if only to potentially cut down on the amount of time I have to listen to Charlie And Lola stories) and what usually happens is I get completely obsessed by one of the tracks and end up driving around and around listening to it over and over and over again while - hello! - singing along (badly) at the top of my voice. Well, just recently it's been Fionn Regan's great honour (this is a joke, btw) to fill that role. A lot of other people clearly like it too, I'm not pretending to be breaking any new ground here, but I'd forgotten - eighteen months after reviewing the album - quite how much pleasure I got from it. Thank you Mr Regan, it means a lot. Probably.


Planet Mondo said...

Two tunes which have hardcoded their harmonies in my head at the mo' are...

The Equals '68 nugget 'The Skies Above' - with it's ooo-weee-ooo backing vocals

And The Wolfmen's 'Cecilie' with it's doo, doo, doo doo, backing vocals

I'm a commuter so don't have the fun of in-car-karoke

Archie Valparaiso said...

Charlie & Lola: Pre-school's answer to Richard & Judy. Can't you steer Scrap in the direction of Doraemon (Gadget Cat from Outer Space) or something equally strange?

Doraemon has no ears, by the way. Archie Jr. says it's to stop him feeling the cold when he's flying. I might try that.