Friday, November 27, 2009

Roadblock Warning For SE22 Tonight

Just to let you all know, you should avoid the Landcroft Road / Crystal Palace Road area to tonight as it will be a Roadblock Scenario between the hours of about 7pm and, let's say, 11?

"Why?" you ask, your eyes shining with delight. Well, it's because Scrap's pal Harvey's dad and I have teamed up - as Fabio's Dad and Steve Grooverider - in order to take care of bidniz at the Heber School (Parent's) Disco tonight.

Now, I've done a fair amount of DJing in my time, but almost all of it has involved playing old folk records to people who were intent on drinking beer and talking. But tonight we are in charge of what my old pal Tim Westwood once described to me as "destroying dancefloors".

To that end I've lined up a big playlist on Spotify and have dug out a load of ancient 12"s from the basement. How could it go wrong with that level of preparation?

Do you have a request? Let me know below, or send me a message, like.

I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. Or tonight, if I manage to press play and tweet at the same time.

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