Tuesday, January 12, 2010

These New Records Are Quite Nice

Tactical Thinking: That's Right Move (Tactical Thinking Entertainment, 2009)
This slipped out late last year, but thanks to me not opening my post - sorry - I missed it. Anyhow, you know how some records are just so good that, within about three seconds you've decided that this is the only record you've ever really loved? Well, this is one of them. Or at least it is for me, but then, I'm easily led. It's a curse, tbh. So Tactical Thinking are from Manchester and East London and there's, like, loads of them. There's a lot of lines I like here, but the one that particularly appeals to me is, "What we represent is eccentric, mental imagery," because, hello, that's what makes up most of the track.
Much more Tactical Thinking gear here.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun: In The Dark (Chess Club, 2010)
So, after a morning sent ploughing through a load of new CDs I have two I really like and a teetering pile of meh that I'll never even look at again. This is not a sustainable business model, is it? Still, never mind. So, TBWTTS is a chap called Colin MacLeod and he's from the Isle Of Lewis. Now, I know John Lewis, but that's probably nothing to do with it, eh? Anyhow, there's a lot more of this kind of thing here.


BLTP said...

Tactical Thinking \m/ :)! or summat

James Franco said...

Loving Tactical Thinking, you cant beat shouty british hip hop with electro in the background.

More please