Monday, August 02, 2010

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 45

Griffin: Yours Till Forever (Capitol, 1970)
Sunshine psyche-pop delightfulness recorded with a cast of, well, about twenty in LA forty years ago this summer. Griffin never did make any sort of mark - if you could see the picture of them in front of me you'd understand why - but this is a truly lovely record. Of course, that might be because it was written by Kenny Nolan who went onto write this. I should imagine the royalties on that are a bit more yacht-shaped than the Griffin ones. More of this sort of thing here.

Peter Broderick: Guilt's Tune (Bella Union, 2010)
I thought I had put a Peter Broderick track up here some years ago on account of how he makes the sort of music that tickles the very essence of my being. But no. What an oversight. Anyhow, Mr B has a fantastic new record out, like, sort of now, though you'd be hard pressed to discover that just by looking at either his own website or, indeed, that of his label. Still, never mind, it's here too though only on vinyl. No, hang on, it's here on CD. Anyway, it's bloody lovely. Buy it.

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