Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hang On, These Records Are Nice...

Amy Winehouse: Love Is A Losing Game [Moody Boyz Original Ruffian Badboy Remix] (Island, 2007)
This Moody Boyz remix is bloody grate in the sense that it is PRECISELY the sort of wibble-wibble, hoik your fragrant "doobage" in the air, single red-light hanging above your head, heart-thumping dubfest I used to spend all day listening to when I worked in a record shop. Probably because I was listening to Tony Thorpe's excellent Moody Boys(z) then too. Music, eh? A bit like it always was - and sometimes that's not a bad thing at all.

Jimmy McCracklin: You're The One (Premium, 1956)
There's something entirely Christmassy about this record without it having anything to do with Christmas whatsoever. It's in the worn-down-to-the-bone shuffle of the drums, the done-with-pleading, resigned tone of McCracklin's voice, the cigarette-scented guitar solo played by someone for whom the next drink is clearly more attractive than the another recording session. It feels gloriously weary. And I think we all know how that feels, right?


BLTP said...

Good to see you are well enough to hobbled over to the stereo to post these tracks.
Surely Jimmy McCracklin should've opened a chain of roast pork restaurants?
I'll check the tunes later not allowed Itunes at work!

dulwichmum said...

Dear Rob, Silvana and Scrap,

I hope you are feeling better. Happy Christmas and New Year.

Rob said...

we are battling on!
*makes brave-soldier face*

DeSelby said...

For a jazzy Christmas how about "Speak No Evil" by Wayne Shorter, recorded Christmas Eve 1964. It's got a real unique vibe to it and is a fabulous album.