Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heartbreak Rap: It's The Future

Jack Flash: Intoxicating (Klinik Records, 2008)
I have now listened to this six times on the trot ("But the bad nights kept coming, and she was changing, and that's when my heart started breaking...") and I'm not even nearly done with it yet. This works on all the important levels: the samples are beautifully simple and layered, the lyrics are eye-wateringly personal and there's even a sing-a-long chorus to warble on the bus. Jack is from Huddersfield and seems like a decent sort of cove. There's a lot more JF stuff here. Excellent work that man (even if it is about "pot" and not The Ladies).

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James Franco said...

This is similar to the "Easter Island" track you put on the blog a few months ago.

Keep them coming, quality additions to my Ipod always welcome.