Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Am A Very Lucky Person

It's always a pleasure going through the post when you get back from holiday (very hot, lovely, thanks), especially when it appears to be from an old friend. For some reason my email program considered the following to be spam:

FROM: Jose Padilla III
Dear Winner,
Winning Notification. This is to notify you that you have won £250,000.00 in our online email lottery in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by computerised balloting, powered by the Internet. Your email address was one of the lucky winners
in this year bonnanza draw.

To claim your prize, please contact: The UKNL Foundation, claims department
Contact Person: Mr.Brender Williams
Contact Email:
Office Tel :07045 764 423

Mad, eh? It clearly isn't! I'm particularly pleased as Jose Padilla - the Ibizan DJ "legend", not the dirty bomber - once threated me with a lawsuit over a review I wrote of one of his awful, witless records. I wish I still had the messages he left on my answerphone asking me why I would write such things about him and how I didn't "understand" his "work". "If you don't call me back to resolve this I'll sue!" he squeaked in his silly little voice. Happy times! Anyway, it seems all the old niggles have been ironed out and I will be claiming my prize from "Brender" (I love those old English names!) in the morning...

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