Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's Indie-Pop O'Clock

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: Young Adult Friction (Fortuna Pop, 2009)
It has come to my attention that The Pains' new album is, literally, the greatest record ever made (as long as your idea of truly great records hovers around the greatest hits of The Razorcuts and very early Slowdive). It's like acid house never happened! Happily, on mornings like this one - - that combination works for me just fine. Their album doesn't really exist on the internet yet, but here's a handy Amazon link to check sometime in January (it's out in February - the one on this link is an import copy).


FireEscape said...

It is a great album (apart from Teenager In Love, which rather incongruously rips off Bowie’s Modern Love). Not sure if I can hear any Slowdive in there – the first two Ride eps and MBV in 1987 seems more likely. Greg Webster of Razorcuts is going to see them this week in Oxford, stalking fans.

BLTP said...

top indie tune, it's so perfectly c86 it must be made by swedes!