Friday, December 12, 2008

Vintage Magazine Joy Friday

Situated over this side of the internet, some kind soul has scanned in years and years and years worth of old Radio Shack catalogues. He - I'm assuming it is a "he" - calls them "catalogs" because he's out of the Americans, but let's not quibble. The point is this, if you can't get, say, an hour's solid pleasure from looking (adoringly) at 40 year old tape decks, then, frankly, there's something wrong with you.


BLTP said...

my dad had a big tanneburg reel to reel recorder, that we were allowed to play with. It had marvelous chunky clunk click slidey controls and softly glowing dials. Sadly in a fit teenage pique my older brother wiped the tapes of me him a few years early singing along to radio and performing our own radio station links.
word verification today si raddle!

marmiteboy said...

My Dad has still got his reel to reel somewhere and recently transposed some of his tapes onto cd.

Reel to reels are a very beautiful thing and if I remember correctly give great sound quality.

Bah to new technology eh?