Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This New Record Is Literally Quite Good

Jose Roberto Bertrami: Brilliante (Far Out Recordings, 2009)
Bertrami is a member of Azymuth. This is from a record he's just made that, and I quote, "mixes 60's soundtracks with 80's grooves", which, in reality, means it's like the sort of superbly produced test-card music that used to be played if something went tits up before The Love Boat. If I'm honest, that's my favourite music of all... More of this sort of thing here.


Planet Mondo said...

Yikes - that's good! - I was on holiday in Yorkshire last week, and during my lie-in who did I hear on BBC Manchester Radio answering tricky q's about about Spectorgate? Yes you..what a shocker.

Stripy sweater and Cohen hat ! There's this summer's look sorted right there..

Rob said...

It's a doozy, ain't it? Glad you "enjoyed" my Spector-tacular!