Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here Is Some Nice Music

Brigitte Bardot: Mambo Bardot (Dot, 1958)
From the album, La Belle Bardot (not that she's actually on it), this is dangerously slinky. If I knew what "cigarette pants" were I would buy some and wear them immediately. You can enjoy more of this sort of thing here.

Laurel Aitken: Sex Machine (Hebra, 1972)
You see, it sounds like he's singing, 'My baby calls me the Queen, because I'm the sex machine' but it's actually, 'My baby calls me the cream...' Or, at least, I hope it is. You can enjoy more of this sort of thing here.

Jega: Moment (Planet Mu, 2009)
I like this so much I actually need to have a bit of a lie-down and a rest whenever I think about it. There's some stuff about him here which you may - or may not - want to read. Suffice to say if you have ever thought, 'My, wouldn't it be good if Aphex Twin, Brian Eno and Shy FX, like, got together and made a record?' Well, this is a bit like that record. You can enjoy more of this sort of thing here.

Richard Walters: For the Dead in Space (Kartel, 2009)
I don't know anything about this chap. I suppose I could look here, but, y'know, time's short. Anyway, this is a very nice song. I like it. But then, I like this kind of thing, eh?

Paolo Nutini: Tricks of the Trade (Atlantic, 2009)
Lots of people (including me until a few weeks ago) think PN is in the big group of things marked, 'Not Good'. But that's not true. He's actually great. And this is, literally, lovely. You can enjoy more of this sort of thing here.

Tiger: Soul Of Africa (New Beat, 1970)
The piano on this record makes me wish my knees worked as well as they used to in the "old" days. "No matter what they say," sings Tiger. "You can't keep a good man down." That's the attitude, isn't it? Interestingly, this is on the Laurel Aitken CD mentioned ˆˆˆup thereˆˆˆ because (*reads sleeve notes*), he wrote and produced it. Yes, that'll be it.

Clint Mansell: Memories of Someone We Never Know (Black Records, 2009)
This is from the soundtrack to Moon, a film by David Bowie's son, Duncan (though you're not really meant to mention that, I think). The music is great. Perhaps the film is too, who knows? You can enjoy more of this sort of thing here.


Liam L0nergan said...

Thanks for recommending the Moon soundtrack....I will be purchasing it. Student debt can wait (along with Fathers Day and the kids dinner).

P.s. Can you have a look at and tell me what you think???

email me at:

Much appreciation.

Sime said...

Dear Bro
I beg you not to buy and wear cigarette pants. Ever.

BLTP said...

I don't know he might look smokin'!! but perhaps not as much as Ms Bardot.