Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Music For a Beautiful Summer Day

Grasscut: Sorel Point (Ninja Tune, 2009)
I have a strong tendency to be be presold on stuff like this. Two blokes noodling about with acoustic guitars and folk and samplers and all that sort of thing, so I can only offer the weakest apology when I try and foist another one on you. Grasscut name Oliver Postgate and William Wordsworth among their influences and that just makes me love them even more. They are, clearly, old enough to know better too - another point in their favour. This is the last track on their new single, High Down, which is out at the end of July, but doesn't (quite) exist on the intranot yet. Literally, hello Grasscut, can we be pals?


Anonymous said...

hello Rob

grasscut here. Yes, we can be pals.
I count anyone who loves Oliver Postgate as a friend.

Thank you for your kind words. B sides are the new A sides.


Rob said...

Excellent news - thanks Grasscut