Monday, June 21, 2010

Elderflower and Lemongrass Cordial

Me and Scrap picked a little bunch of elderflowers on our walk in the woods yesterday and thought we'd have a try at some home-made pop. There are tons of recipes, all roughly the same, showing how to make your own cordial but I followed this friendly version and just added a couple of bruised lemongrass stalks.

We made enough to fill 8 bottles, so that's one for him, one for me, one for his teacher Mr Gray, and the rest for the school summer fair. Don't think there's much chance of us waiting a month before we drink it though.....Scrap's already got the fizzy water ready and I'm thinking about a little splash in the bottom of a cool glass of Prosecco.


claire said...

it's so nice to read your blog again. i used to read all the time and you used to write all the time and then you were busy and I was busy but now you're back and I'm really pleased.

Silvana said...

Hooray! Thanks Claire we're glad to be back and we're glad you're back too! xx

marty and sharon said...

awh, just read this...thanks for the friendly link! that martin fella drank all of the cordial i made this summer (i never manage to make enough of the stuff!) so cant wait to make it again next year. loving your preserved lemon packaging ;) xx