Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Old Record Is Also Quite Nice

Tibby Edwards: But I Do (Mercury, 1957)
Until five minutes ago I had never heard of Mr Edwards, now I sort of love him. From the sawing fiddle intro to his last gasp of vibrato right at the end this is a very loveavble record. I don't think I've ever heard anyone chew their way through a lyric like this, Tibby bites great chunks out of each word and gnashes them down to fit his own remarkable delivery. There are bite marks everywhere.

The "problem" - it's not really a problem at all, it's great - might be that Tibby can't quite decide whether to stick with this country shtick or head off into the great blue yonder offered by rock and roll. Consequently, on But I Do he sort of tries to do both - you can hear him strain at the leash. Amazing tune stolen - wholeseale - from this wonderful album.

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Mondo said...

The perfect song to sing when you've head a skinful and arrive home swaying about the veranda.