Friday, July 09, 2010

Preserved Lemons

It's Scrap's school summer fair tomorrow and somehow, I am in charge of the cafe. We've got a barbecue, home-made scones and cakes, organic strawberries and cream and a very carefully planned rota. The stand I always wish I could work on (apart from whack-the-rat) is the home produce - this year, as well as my usual cheat's jam, and Scrap's elderflower cordial, I've made them some preserved lemons, small jars each with one whole lemon in. They take a least a month to soften so give yourself a bit more time than I did, if you've got a deadline.

Place a tablespoon of coarse sea salt in some small, sterilized jars. Quarter the lemons but don't cut through the base so they remain joined. Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt into each lemon then press it back into shape. Push a lemon into each jar and tuck in some dried herbs and whole spices. Top up with freshly squeezed lemon juice (I had plenty left over from making Limoncello, I'll post the recipe next week). Leave for 6 weeks, turning every once in a while.


simon beckmann said...

Hola Silvana, Hope you are all well. Very hot here and I fancied making some Ginger Beer, propper hot stuff too and I thought 'I know a northern lass who might just have a good recipe'. Do you? Would love to nick it if I could.

Saludos from Los Gázquez, Simón

Silvana said...

Hello Simon! How are you all?
I love ginger beer! I've got a recipe I use from delicious magazine, it's easy to make but you have to remember to let the gas out of the bottles every now and again or they can right explode.

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I love ginger beer too!