Friday, February 22, 2008

New Music Friday: Steve Pilgrim

Steve Pilgrim: Lover, Love Her (Demo, 2008)
Steve Pilgrim is from Liverpool and he not only plays the guitar rather nicely, but he sings real good too. I don't know much about him tbh, but there's all sorts of stuff out there if you look. This came from my friend Mike and, in case you're wondering if this is some awful plant, it isn't. I didn't like the last thing he sent me and told him so TO HIS FACE. Steve's not signed yet, but I sort of think he will be soon (so does Mike) and then you'll have to pay for his records. So, until then, happy sharing!

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Planet Mondo said...

I like it. He'slike a pop version of John Smith - who can play acoustic, lead and bongos at the same time, and all on one guitar