Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 31

Syreeta: Come And Get This Stuff (Motown, 1974)
Syreeta was originally a secretary at Motown who ended up being considered as a replacement for Diana Ross when she upped and left The Supremes. Oh, and then she married Stevie Wonder, which was good work. This is taken from her second album which is, rather oddly, called Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta when he sort of already had via her first album and the marriage was going belly up. Anyway, this is a great tune so we shouldn't "sweat" the "small stuff" as our American friends would have it.

Young Coppers: Pleasant Month Of May (Coppersongs, 2008)
This is new in the very loosest sense of the word - the song itself is, oooh, 150 years old? Anyway, this lot are the latest generation of the uh-mazing Copper family and this is a wonderful song - any choon that mentions "ale" that runs "so brown" is OK by me - and, well, it is the pleasant month of May, isn't it? I ripped this off - wholesale - from this brilliant album.


Planet Mondo said...

Love the Syreeta track - similar to The Supremes cover of Bad Weather, which I've been giving a wallop this week.

Have you checked out this new Mockingbird - they're Swedish you know

DeSelby said...

"I love every little thing about you" by Syreeta is one of my favourite ever songs. Every home should have it.

Rob said...

Hey PM: Those Mockingbird tracks are rather nice, innit..

Hi Deselby: I thought about posting that one! Thanks for coming by.