Friday, November 28, 2008

The Inaugural Religious Friday

Funkadelic: Talk About Jesus (Westbound Records, 1971?)
George Clinton's Funkadelic were known for many things, but keenly-felt religious hymning wasn't one of them. Perhaps that's an oversight on all our parts, as they clearly had "it" in them - "it" being a love for the lord as well as a head full of eyeball-scouringly powerful chemical enhancers. Exemplary work from Bernie Worrell on the old joanna to "boot". Much more of this sort of think here.


Planet Mondo said...

Fab tune and a selection of Mexican wrestler outfits - It really can't get any better.

Can I chip in with this churchy choon Big Maybelle - Do Lord

Rob said...

that is a wunnerful thing, thank you brother Mondo