Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Music Wednesday In Dub

Peter Murder Tone: Paper Tiger (Jahtari, 2008)
Peter is a middle aged social worker chap from Australia who now lives in the UK. He has no reason to make digital dub records this good. I half-inched this - wholesale - from this marvelous record on which many other knob-twiddling types make merry with the delay units and cavernous reverb settings. Thanks to my old pal Bill at Cargo for this beauty.


Anonymous said...

i do love a bit of dub, and when i'm in one of my moods it's mans greatest invention. £7.99 can't be all bad either.

i did see a most interesting dub documentary made by a nice chap from brazil at the ica earlier this year (that's enough, dubnerd)

anyway, i'm not in one of my moods, its all about mark murphy, crooners this week if you don't mind!

geh h h h h hhhhh

(do you see what i did there?)

Rob said...

Gav: you need to start your own blog. Dub documentaries, nice "chaps" from Brazil, Mark Murphy - we're all missing out here!

Anonymous said...

i know, but if i wrote what i felt, they'd sack me!