Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Basement Crates: Quickie Edition

Sanchez: Leave Out A Babylon (Digital B, 1994)
I was messing around with a pile of record sleeves - looking for some arresting ones for the wall - when I found an old Bobby Digital compilation - this one, in fact - poking out. So I had a squizz down it and remembered how much I liked this Sanchez track that's pitched sort of perfectly between dub and dancehall. He's not 100% complimentary about all the world's people, "Why would you want to be with the Babylonians?", he asks, quite understandably, but it certainly has a tune you can whistle...

Blur: Berserk (Parlophone, 1991)
... Which is more than you can say of Berserk. Track Four (of four) on their Bang single, this is the sort of extended-groove, 'Goodness me I'm woozy' psychedelia that young people all over the country thrilled to 18 years ago. They did, honestly. Maybe I'll start one of those hilarious on-line petitions to get them to play this during their shows in the summer! Hahaha! Then again, maybe I'll get the Hoover out instead.

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