Friday, January 16, 2009

New Music Friday: Double Edition

DM Stith: Morning Glory Cloud (Asthmatic Kitty, 2009)
DM is an interesting fellow for sure. His official record company biography notes that, "his father is a college wind ensemble director and former church choir director; his grandfather is professor emeritus in the music department at Cornell University; his mother is a pianist; his sisters sing opera, play piano, tap dance, play timpani and are excellent soft ball players." I hope that at least some of that is made up. Lies do decorate the truth so, don't they? Anyway, this is a fantastic track from his album (that doesn't exist on the for sale part of the internet yet, but this is good to be going on with). Try it, you'll like it (probably).

Chase & Status feat. Kano: Against All Odds (Ram Records, 2009)
I'd like to first say that I'm thrilled Drum and Bass artists still do photos like this. I'd assumed that era was over - but no! Also, when I first heard this I nearly fell over with both surprise and delight. Surprise because I didn't think people made records like this anymore, then delight because, oh yes, they do! I'm not entirely convinced about the amazingness of the four-to-the-floor middle-eight, but then, I'm not "off" my "chump' at some rave-o-drome, am I? So, literally, what do I know? Anyway, it goes back into the breakbeat after a while, so who's counting? More of this sort of thing here.


James Franco said...

Chase and Status Track, agree on the middle bit, but it starts really well, then drops off, but comes back strong at the end.

Have you been sent the new Mongrel Album yet, with John McLure from Reverend and the makers, and a couple of Arctic Monkeys. Some of the stuff on that looks like it could have some potential.

marmiteboy said...

The DM Stith track is like a lush version of a Sufjan Stevens track and is no teh worse for that. Given the record label I wonder is Mr Stevens had a hand in it?

BLTP said...

am Liking the DM Stith track