Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lily And Me: The Truth

I did an interview with the delightful Lily Allen just before Christmas. Apparently, some people have got a little upset by some if what she had to say, which seems silly to me, really. But as I write, there are 167 different news outlets that have picked up on it. My personal favourite is this one. I think they've got it about right.


Anonymous said...

Max (4), for about the last year has maintained a view, 'mum - she's beautful'. I have to say, apart from the period that she had blond hair I probably agree.

The jay joplin bit, can't decide who i would choose. I'm new to either so on balance....... LA! - ooohhh!


marmiteboy said...

I'm glad someone else likes Lily. If a male 'rawk star' said the things she said he'd be hailed as a great laugh and something to be admired.

However because she is a young (and beautiful) woman the male dominated media believe she should act in a certain way. She shouldn't get pissed, embrace nudity, take drugs and tell people to f**k off who get on her case.

She is a independent woman who takes no sh*t and that should be applauded.

All hail Lily Allen I say.