Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 39

Gene Page: The Call (RCA, 1972)
Taken from Page's soundtrack to Blacula, The Call is the sort of maxi-silk smoothness that 1972 was rightly famous for. When I listen to this while staring out of the window I imagine myself sat at the far corner of a darkened bar smoking Newports and drinking Pabst (or whatever) while wearing velour. In my dream the cigarettes make me look cool and the velour makes me look good. That's why it's a dream, I suppose because, sadly, neither of those things are real, are they? Sorry, I gave up smoking about six weeks ago and, while I have no interest in going back, I do think about it a lot. Anyway, more of this sort of thing here. And here.

Mocky: Somehow Someway (Crammed Discs, 2009)
So, Mocky is an interesting chap. And what's more he makes interesting records, which is decent of him. In fact, this isn't a huge leap from Page's track, it would be just as good an accompaniment to swirling ice cubes around your drink, but, Mocky adds that extra element of wistful melancholia. His new album is very good too. On a completely different - ahem - "tip", this is, literally amazing.

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Planet Mondo said...

Love both tunes but Gene pips it for me - have you checked out Black Belt Jones - great soundtrack, films a bit flaky though..