Friday, March 20, 2009

This New Record Is Literally Quite Good

Zoey Van Goey: Two White Ghosts (Left In The Dark, 2009)
I've actually got five minutes to listen to some records today - although, to be fair, I'd rather be walking round the park eating an ice-cream. This little gem fell into my lap quite quickly. ZVG are, literally, indie-pop, which means, by law, they have to have at least one song about Japan. But that's OK, because this is actually quite a good one. I like it, anyway. The very name itself might make you want to throw yourself out of a window. But what can I do? Oh yes, and this is good too. The CD - The Cage Was Unlocked All Along - doesn't appear to exist on the internet yet, but it will soon. I promise!


BLTP said...

the do look like nusances but I'll give it a go later

marmiteboy said...

I do like this band a lot. Apparently they are touring soon too. Be there or be square.