Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Halloween Special

So when did people start thinking that Trick Or Treating was an acceptable thing to do this far from the Eastern Sea Board? I mean, what next? Thanksgiving? Kwanzaa?

Halloween is great, there's no argument with that, but all this other stuff is balls (although I did enjoy the party at Matt and Karen's where that friendly looking beast on the right was made).

What's needed is something a little more traditional, which is where Jarvis Cocker comes in. This is the latest in his series of podcasts, a Hans Christian Anderson story, read by Jarv himself, called The Shadow. I once met Jarvis Cocker at a party held in a fully kitted-out hardcore S&M bar above a fish and chip shop in Vauxhall. We passed on the stairs and I said, "Hello Jarvis" and he said, looking at the floor, "Hello."

About six months previously I'd interviewed him at length about his, oh dear, rave days, in a pub off Hampstead Heath for the late, though never lamented (least of all by me) Ministry magazine. Clearly I had made a big impression. More interestingly, he had bought our friend Jonny a piece of the original Wicker Man back from Scotland as a birthday present. Happy days.

Anyway, enjoy...

Something English to get us back on track
Shirley Collins: Poor Murdered Woman (Mooncrest, 1971)

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