Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Special

Despite Robert, me and The Scrap are getting a bit over excited about Halloween. Last night we turned the lights off and went outside to look at the pumpkin lantern we’d carved (see above) and put on the windowsill. He said ‘scary’ in a spooky voice a few times then we went back inside by which time he was actually scared so I had to put all the lights back on while he repeated ‘not scary, not scared’ 28 times. We got over it eventually and got ready a lunch box full of chocolate coins in the hope of ‘trick or trickers’ who might be visiting before bath time at 6.45pm.

This morning, I velcroed a furry spider onto his shoulder to wear to nursery but when I went to get the special little pumpkin shaped chocolate balls out of my bag for him, the flipping mouse had had the lot and left me with foil dust in every corner. I’m going to have to get tough.

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