Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Meat Sauce

The outside freezer is at bursting point again. Yesterday Rob rescued a pack of king prawns and I pulled out two packages of a-bit-brown-looking rump steak frozen since July. Once thawed, I put the steaks in a pan with a jar of passata, half a jar of water, two chopped garlic cloves, 2 chopped shallots, a sprig each of rosemary and thyme from mum’s garden, a chunk of Parmesan rind and a teaspoon of fennel seeds. I let it simmer, part-covered, all morning while I made roast pork and potatoes with The Archers omnibus on. I hope Ruth comes to her senses and doesn’t leave David for Sam just because he can build her kids a treehouse. Before bed, I chucked out the prawns and put the pan of cooled meat sauce in the little fridge. It’ll be lovely tonight with spaghetti and a double episode of Corrie.

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