Monday, October 30, 2006

Basement Crates: Discovery 2

Just a quick one - I found a great record while I was "tidying up" some magazines. I bought this 7" of One In Ten when I was about 11. I had no idea what dub was, how could I, I came from Guildford. All I knew is I'd seen UB40 on Top Of The Pops and I thought they were great.

I wrote a "reggae" song soon after called Don't Blame It On The Young. Look, I was 11. And no, it wasn't terribly good, which is why I've never admitted it to anyone before.

Anyway, I distinctly remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom listening to this b-side over and over again, trying to work out why anyone would put the sound of chairs being thrown about and random shouting in their music.

One night a few years later, thanks to my cousin David, I kind of found out. But we'll come back to that.

This is a brilliant slice of near forgotten late 70s British dub from a group who really deserve a lot more love and respect than they get from the bastards at the mainstream media (ie, me).

UB40: Present Arms In Dub
(Dep International, 1981)

The Impact! All Stars: Extra Ordinary Dub
(Impact!, 1972)

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