Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello? Landcroft House...

"Hello Landcroft House, it's Miles and Alex from The Last Shadow Puppets here..."
Hello Miles and Alex. Can you answer me a question?
"We'll try..."
Tell me, what is the greatest record ever made?
Miles: "I always pick a Beatles record."
Alex: "I’m not sure."
Miles: "I’m pure just into the Beatles things that I love."
Alex: "I’m thinking about a few..."
Miles: "I love Anna and This Boy, really early Beatles’ tunes."
Alex: "I like No Reply from Beatles For Sale – I’m right into that at the moment.
Miles: "I’ve been having that and Rock & Roll Music a lot too. And I’ve been deep into Abbey Road too. I love Because, it has this mad organ on it..."
Alex: "And Polythene Pam too..."
Miles: "Yeah, that’s just Lennon having a buzz!"
You're only allowed one.
"Oh, OK."
Thanks for calling, bye!


BLTP said...

we're still awaiting review of kung fu panda BTW ;)

ally. said...

ah don't they look sweet. but jeez i hate the bloody beatles. and i'm still recovering from the shock of realising i'd missed the kung fu panda premiere round the goddamn corner with big pandas and everything. i cheatedand watched it on that evil thing and it was grand