Sunday, July 20, 2008

"A lovely young lady, you see.."

"... A lady called Jackie, hhmmmm! Well done to you, your prize is a week with me, Sir James Of Saville at Stoke the Man-Deville, you see. And a compact disc or two from Mr Robert's Big Box of Doom..."
rattles jewellery


sime said...

That picture is so funny that -arf!- I've *corpsed*.
I hope you will *undertake* to publish some more like that. It's better than I *cadaver* -magined.

*affixes extra bolt to mortuary door*

jackie said...

SCREAM! the honour... How come nobody else in the WORLD has worn hair like that, post 1492?

Rob said...

Sime: *says nothing, to save on court case fees*
jackie: well done you!

David Jockney said...

Is it just me or was Jimmy "a bit creepy" long before Louis Theroux got hold of him?

David Jockney said...

Surely - it's Grayson Perry modelling an invisible frock