Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 34

Sir Victor Uwaifo: Idogo Ekassa 42 (Phillips, 1974)
From Wikipedia: "Uwaifo's hobbies include swimming, bodybuilding, gaming, reading, writing, and bringing up children in the fear of God so that they will not depart from God when they grow up." Now that is more like it. I have been playing the album this track comes from almost non-stop since it arrived on my desk a few weeks ago. This is an absolutely brilliant record, so tight it's falling apart loose and warm like actual sunshine. A colleague of mine has suggested that this might be the greatest record ever made which is quite out of character for him. True tho'. Something of a showman too (Uwaifo, not colleague).

Dousk: Ass, Table And The Stick (Klik Records, 2008)
Since we're in a dancing mood... I know nothing about Dousk but I know what I like and I like this silk-hipped little number. I've been trying to work out whether the title is actually rude or just suggestive of beng rude and, after much work, I think it's the latter. Of course, there is the bit at the end where all the words get chopped up and it goes a bit mentalist and then, admittedly, it becomes a trifle more saucemongous. But it's still OK for kids parties (don't quote me on this).


DeSelby said...

"Kleine Nachtmusik" by Stimming on Ben Watt's label is very wonderful and I just found "Shaolin Buddah Finger" on You Tube. Nothing happens in the video but it's still a fantastic track.

Rob said...

I shall look out for the Stimming thing... I used to love Depth Charge - thanks for the reminder!