Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This New Record Is Literally Quite Good

The Late Greats: Stereo (Izumi Records, 2008)
I've been spinning through a load of new records (trans: I've been flicking through a huge pile of CDs). There's some great ones (Sam Beeton, Peter Bruntnell, a few on the Tandy Hard album, Unbunny, blahblahblah), anyway, I'd just sort of had enough when I came across this. The Late Greats are kerr-azy and quirky enough to make me want, initially, to throw the thing out of the window (I am quite old), but I persevered and landed on Stereo, which is lovely. A splash of lunacy, but all topped off with a tune you can hum and a thoroughly nice atmos. And they're from Eastbourne. Finally, are they really giving a shout to The Pastels in the chorus?

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