Tuesday, September 16, 2008

French Catalan Tuesday

Pascal Comelade: Stranger In Paradigm (Because Music, 2008)
He's quite a chap, our Pascal. He formed his first band in 1974 and has, ever since, been ploughing along making music equally influenced by toy instruments and what electronic music was called before it was called electronica (and other stuff). Anyway, Stranger In Paradigm (he gives very good title, does Pascal, another track on the album - a poem in fact - is called The Lonely Skinhead) sounds a bit like The Shadows might do after a full-on nuclear strike. Something to look forward to there. There is also a toy xylophone cover of Sunny Afternoon on the forthcoming Best Of album (The No Dancing - it doesn't exist on the internet yet, out November 17) that is properly lovely.

Literally, hurray.


BLTP said...

Finally had a listen to this over weekend and it went down well chez BLTP. Our current favourite that you point out is Damian Jurado track which gets played on repeat especially at night once as they say on test match special "drinks have been taken" keep up the literally quite good work.

Rob said...

Ha! Really pleased that DJ is bringing pleasure - I find that music that you enjoy repeatedly when in drink tends to last with you for years - hope this proves to be the same...