Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Else I Found In The Basement

Michael Brook: Diffusing (4AD, 1994)
One of the greatest gigs I have ever seen was Brooksie* playing at London Zoo's aquarium to help launch his album, Cobalt Blue. In fact, the gig was so good it was later released on CD in its own right. Happy times, eh? Can you imagine a record label releasing a live CD of a guy playing his own launch party now? No, me neither. This track isn't from that (I lent it to someone about 8 years ago and never got it back, oh dear), it's taken from a 4AD promo called All Virgos Are Mad which featured a load of tracks recorded at the label's 13th birthday shows in LA. I used to have a nice t-shirt of said event which I wore every third or fourth day for about six years. But I've no idea where it is now - perhaps that's in the basement too?

*No one calls him "Brooksie", not even me.


dk said...

I can't wait to finish up my basement so that I can fill it full of cds that I don't care about now, but will be delighted to 'rediscover' in a decade or so.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Rob said...

Hey Dan: We've been talking about getting the basement properly converted (bedroom and bathroom sort of thing). I am quite excited about this as I know there is loads of stuff I've not seen for six orm seven years down there...