Monday, September 01, 2008

Is This The Worst Comic Strip Ever?

Well, these people think it is and I, for one, am in no mood to argue. I've read every single one of these I can get my hands (eyes) on and have yet to feel even the tiniest flicker of electrical pleasure crossing my eager synapses. This, in a perverse kind of way, makes me like them more. You reach a sort of Zen relaxation point after your fourth or fifth strip where not much seems to matter anymore and the sun scoots almost imperceptibly across the sky. Sometimes it's really good to engage with stuff that demands nothing of you whatsoever, don't you think ("Yes," say all regular LH "readers")?


simon h b said...

Ah, but aren't you a little bit curious about the relationship - is Uncle Funny Bunny a blood uncle of Chimpy? Does this mean he married a monkey, or was it a sibling which entered into this cross-species entanglement?

Or is he an "Uncle" in the sense of an adult who your parents know? In which case, the name Uncle Funny Bunny takes on a slightly sinister connotation - it does sound like something cruel children might chant at unmarried men who sometimes go out in their pyjamas by mistake.

BLTP said...

Monkey's Uncle indeed:
You're right about about their zen like nature. Although the bucket of sap one made me smile, it's almost surrealy devoid of any comic twist.

Merry said...

Lately I've taken to reading the XKCD comic strip:

With this strip, when I read it and don't laugh (or at least wryly smile) I think there's something wrong with my understanding rather than with the comic strip.

Planet Mondo said...

What about 'Gus' - with the perma-pay off "you can't make a monkey out of Gus".

And I never know who buys 'The Broons' our 'Our Wullie' - but they always seem to be on sale in Smiths?