Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ickworth House

Landcroft House is just back from a long weekend away to celebrate my 'special' birthday.

Ickworth House is one of those family friendly hotels and it really lived up to its promise. It's the East wing of a stately home so the building itself is fabulous as are the grounds. There are bikes, games, trampolines, a spa, an amazing swimming pool in a stable, early tea for kids and listening service and smart dinner for grown ups.

We could have spent the week in Portugal for the same sum and Scrap's manners let us down at the breakfast table once he'd got his hands on the 'bowful of fun' that are Cocoa Pops but what a lovely weekend!


rach said...

Our three-year-old is desperate to go and stay in a hotel again, as we've managed to convince her that Coco Pops only appear for breakfast at such establishments...

Bush Mummy said...

How lovely! We went to a wedding at Ickworth in June - it is fab isn't it?

So the question is, is it ok for them to drink the remains of the milk out of the bowl? Mine both do at home, every morning, but I'm worried if they ever went for breakfast with the Queen whether she'd approve?


Valentine Suicide said...

Happy birthday, Mrs.

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