Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Old Record Is Quite Nice

Henry Mancini: Return To Paradise (RCA, 1957)
I've been playing this album every single morning for about three weeks now. Rain, grey or bright sunshine it sets the day up perfectly being, in turns, a bit odd and discretely adventurous, but never less than dizzingly melodic. This track in particular is gently amazing in ways that it's just not possible to be anymore. How can you make music that suggests the silky push and pull of waves on a half-dreamed of exotic shoreline in an age where, should the mood take you, you can just pull it up on Google Earth (or flickr) to see if it's really that nice?


Paul McDonald said...

Good Morning Rob, Im trying a little Mancini along with my Breakfast (coffee and a roll up!) Ive opted for the Mancini Collection as I dont have the recommended album at sure beats watching George Bush wimper about world finances on BBC News in the morning thats for sure...hasnt exactly fired me up for a day at the office though!!!

Rob said...

Hey Paul - coffee and a roll up, that's the breakfast of a champion! I salute you and hope the working day has not cause you too much pain.