Thursday, April 24, 2008

At Last! Some New Music...

Brendan Campbell: Comets (Everybody's Records, 2008)
He's from Glasgow, he has nice hair (this would be a good look for Scrap, I think) and his voice belongs in the small box marked: Literally, Quite Good. This isn't the single - I wasn't much taken with that - but sits, with a resigned look on its face, somewhere on what used to be known as "the b-side", but is now, actually, just the same side. It's out in June, but it doesn't really exist on the intertwonk yet. Sorry.

Lord Skywave: Slow Movement (From Trio For Oboe, Piano And Flute) (This Is Music, 2008)
Simon Lord used to be in Simian. His new record is rather good. He uses a synth his Dad built in the 70s and samples some (rather beautiful) music his grandmother recorded (I'm guessing) in the 50s. This sort of inter-generational creativity makes me feel good inside. It's out in June too - and also doesn't figure much on the 'tweb yet. Ahead of the pop-cultural curve, that's Landcroft House.

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BLTP said...

I'll listen to these later at the moment I can think of nothing to link them to pies sadly.