Saturday, April 12, 2008

Landcroft Picture Services: 4 Soho

"Paul Raymond - founder of Raymond's Revue Bar in Soho, London May 1962"

This one's for Ally who requested a bit of Soho action. There's lots more - mostly pictures of shifty looking men eyeing up "literature" in shop windows - but this has a lot more of the sense of glamour and late-night adult-orientated thrills that the area became rightly famous for. Not that there's much glamour left anymore, but we can dream, can't we...


ally. said...

oooh shifty men eyeing up "literature" sounds fab .
and ta ever so for this

los beckmanns said...

Paul Raymond's dad was actually my mums GP many years ago when we lived in Glossop.
What better place would the young Paul Raymond inherit that sense of glamour and sexual frisson than in a northern industrial towns consulting rooms.
I should know, my auntie is Nora Batty aka Kathy Staff aka Auntie Minnie.

Los Beckmanns

Rob said...

Ally: I'll send you a couple!
LBs: Hey! You seem to be at the core of some incredible celeb ultraworld. I would love to hear more about PR's dad... Here is a photo of Glossop - just for you!