Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Literally Love The Quality Chop House

I went to The Quality Chop House for my lunch and it was, quite probably, the best lunch I have ever eaten (that wasn't cooked by The Wife). Excellent bread and olive oil, pea and mint soup to start and an incredible chicken, ham and mushroom pie with a a great hay-cock sized bowl of double-crunchy chips. Amazing.




2/3s OF A PIE!



James Franco said...

I love your family tradition of taking photos of everything you eat.

Silvana spent all her time in Italy eating and photographing everyone's food.

Rob said...

it's bad, isn't it? i think we should try to do something about it, tbh...
*takes picture of mid-morning banana*

jackie said...

that's the biggest soup spoom i've ever seen. didn't you get soup all down yr front as a result?

I once went to an art degree show at Goldsmiths, and one of teh (anorexic) students had done a project in which she'd photographed everythign she'd eaten for a year. The polaroids were then planted in teh ground on green sticks, to wave in teh breeze, like ears of corn before harvest time. Deep, man.

Rob said...

*imagines three polaroids - an apple, a quarter eaten Twix and some chewing gum - wafting in the "breeze"*

ally. said...

cor a whole pie - and chips. it wasn't real pie though judging from the picture. it was pretend pub pie that's just stuff in a bowl with a bit of pie on top wasn't it. if it was proper pie with something vegetabley in it instead i'm going. round there i never get past the chippy from one direction or the eagle from the other. and that's only when i'm dragged screaming away from cafe kick.

Tim said...

Does this mean there are people who don't photograph everything they eat?
If you're interested, here's a pair of pancakes, Haight-Ashbury, 2007. Gone but not forgotten.

BLTP said...

Is it worse to take pictures of your pint
nice pie though

Waterford Lismore Wine Glasses said...

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That is actually looking yummy!!

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