Sunday, April 13, 2008

With Great Cake Comes Great Responsibility

Scrap had his super-brilliant Superheroes party today. Everyone pitched in with hotdog making, face painting and sweeping up at the end but it was mostly a good party thanks to gorgeous Sharky and George who played lots of exciting games including squirming around under a giant parachute silk pretending to be rats. I made a big spiderweb cake based on lovely Jane Hornby's chocolate wedding cake, and it was webzellent!

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jackie said...

we've just polished off ANOTHER piece of that amazing cake (from teh fab party bag - i've never had one of those before!). Hurrah for four year old Fab, and hurrah for cake.
(Eloise says hurrah for her handbag which she adores - she has been putting things in, taking things out. putting things in, taking things out...)
Big love to all of Landcroft xxx