Friday, May 04, 2007

Basement Crates: Car Boot Special

Natural Mystic: Runaway Lover (Ethnic Fight, 197?)
Picked up a few treats from a car boot sale in a primary school in Nunhead last weekend. I'm particularly excited about this one - Natural Mystic's Natural Love LP. You just don't see mid-70s reggae (like you don't see 60s folk LPs or soundtracks that aren't South Pacific) in car boot sales. As I can make out, the Mystic were that rarest of rare beasts, a young British reggae band whose target market was the social and working men's clubs. Look at the cover - there's no unsettling dreadlock vibration going on here, it's all dicky-bows, big smiles and penguin suits. You could imagine them on the bill between Lenny Henry and Mike And Berni Winters. The internet doesn't know much about them - other than the LP is worth a lot more than the 50p I paid for it - but I reckon it was released in about 1974.

Stanley Black: All It Takes Is Two - Like Me And You (Phase 4 / Decca, 1976)
Stanley Black is an incredible fellow and this LP is full of great moments. But the planet's breakbeat afficionados are particular fans of this latin-tinged little beauty. I love the fact that this album clearly had a fairly high budget - it sounds really good. While this is full of groovesome good times, your attention is drawn to the just-about-three-minute mark where the band sit back and, in the words of James Brown, give the drummer some.



Nunhead Mum of One said...

I was there too! Didn't pick up any treats though, got ripped off! A walkie-talkie set that worked at the car boot sale failed to work when my son was saying "can you read me, over" from the garden shed.

Rob said...

you should have stuck to the LPs, NhMoO!