Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 10

Anne Briggs: Standing On The Shore (Columbia, 1971)

Anne Briggs is just bloody great. I'm not really sure there's much more to say about her. If you're not immediately taken by her voice - this is from a remarkably keenly-priced reissue - then you're really not going to go for her at all. Which would be a shame, but we're all adults here. We'll get over it. I might be interviewing her soon. She doesn't really do interviews anymore, so I'm quite excited by the prospect...

Findlay Brown: Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation) (Peacefrog, 2007)

I love Findlay Brown, me. I just do, I can't help it. Unusually, I liked him even more after interviewing him. This is rare. Usually the interview process makes you incredibly interested in the subject for about a week then you never want to hear anything about them ever again until you die, but this never happened with Fin(d). This remix is taken from his new single which also features a version of Just Like Honey.



GraemeT said...

Hey Rob,

I've been listening to 'The Time Has Come' pretty much non-stop for the past fortnight - it's utterly spellbinding, isn't it? Can't be long before a leading mobile phone company comes a-calling.

If you *do* get an interview with the mystery woman (isn't she holed up in a croft in the Hebrides somewhere?) be sure to pass on our regards to Lord Lucan while you're at it....

speak soon,

Rob said...

Hey Graeme
Good to see you here. The AB int may be on the cards for next month... She's up in the highlands - as you say - but is receiving one or two visitors, apparently. Quite exciting...