Friday, May 18, 2007

How To Make Women Love You 1:
Be Nice To Dogs

A friend of ours was talking about the whole Jose Mourinho story today. She was practically swooning as she recalled how he'd willingly fled the awards do - just a few days before the FA Cup Final - he was at to come to the aid of his wife and her tiny, and fairly yappy, dog. "It just makes me love him even more!" she breathed. "The fact he's happy to do all that to keep his wife happy is adorable..."

Do you think she's right?


jackie said...

he's a *hero*. there's something strangely macho about such a strong defence of a miniature yorkie in the line of keeping his family happy. And i love the "i'm the invisible man" thing with the police. sigh.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

As someone who would do anything for her pet pooches I can understand why he did it. And, forgive me, but like Jackie I come over all wobbly when I think of his "rescue" mission. It's the whole "macho man/defenseless creature" scenario. Oh dear, think I need a cup of tea......

ally. said...

to pinch a very quickly forgotten slogan from the red scum -
love mourinho, hate chelsea

maria doyle said...

He has a good PR team and he is just very eccentric.
I'm glad they beat Man U