Monday, May 28, 2007

Churros Con Chocolate

One of the best things Spain has to offer is without doubt, Churros paired with thick hot chocolate for dunking and drinking.
It was on the last day of our mini-holiday and a fairly early Sunday morning when we finally came across a proper Churreria on a dusty B-road. It had the lightest, crispiest and softest churros ever, ever, being made on the spot. A large spiral one and two glasses of chocolate was more than we three could manage and just three euros. So glad we didn't go home without tasting them.
In case you're wondering, on the last night, our holiday-neighbours had a party and their daughters got hold of Scrap and he emerged quite a while later complete with glittery lip gloss, fluffy hair clip and that pink nail varnish you can see in the picture. And very pretty he looked too.
Here's a recipe


jackie said...

glad you had a lovely time x

Rob said...

It was only the boob-tube and heels I had a problem with

David Hepworth said...

After our meal at the oldest caff in the world we did just this on the way back to the hotel. For Alyson, who foreswore chocolate ten years ago, it was torture.

Anonymous said...

Look at his chubby little hand! So cute!

(And that yummy looking churro is pure torture!)

Rob said...

David: Why did Alyson forswear chocolate?
Spymum: That's Silvana's hand!

Anonymous said...


Silvana, you have the most chubbly, gorgeous beautiful hands ever!

David Hepworth said...

Act of self denial. To show she could.