Thursday, May 17, 2007

Game Theory

There's a great feature over here in Wired celebrating 40 years of video games. Me and my friend Andrew Jackman used to spend hours and hours of our young lives playing Space Invaders and Defender (and Galaxions) on his Atari 2600 when we could have been out thrashing around the back end of Send on our bikes. But then, didn't everyone? BTW - Andrew had two skateboards and his dad had a drum kit, a motorbike and a really cool stereo too. Consequently, I would be outside his house banging on the orange glass front door from about 7:30 every morning of the summer holidays. Andrew is currently residing in the where-are-they-now file.


Neil M said...

the boys over the road had an atari and we'd play tank battle all the time, was it called that? we also spent hours programming games into a zx80 and then a spectrum. we did rip around on bikes a lot too though. i think there were more hours in the day back then.

James Franco said...

I am revisiting my university gaming days.
I bought an N64 with Goldeneye from Ebay, and a SNES with Mario Kart.

Gone are my days of waiting an hour for a game to load, and sitting for hours playing Ghostbusters, and manic miner.

Drunk Mummy said...

Maybe there's some hope for my two boys then, who worship at the altar of Nintendo (Gamecube and DS) whenever they are allowed. They are absolutely obsessed.