Friday, June 01, 2007

Basement Crates: 17 & 18

Simon Turner: Dark Melt (Creation, 1990)
The only gig I've ever really, really regretted not going to see was in about 1988 and featured Simon Turner in his regally breezy King Of Luxembourg phase. I was fascinated by this character - and the rest of the el label - to the point where, when I first got a job in a record shop, I ordered every single thing I could get my hands on by Louis Phillipe, The Would Be Goods, Momus, Anthony Adverse, all of them. Each with their idiosyncratic own GPO catalogue number. But it was Turner's work I loved the most and I have retained an interest in everything he does. My friend Ronnie and I even sampled a harpsichord pattern from his Caravaggio soundtrack once, put a bit of U2 crowd noise on, added some Funkadelic drums and released the results under our own name. Sorry Simon :(
This piece of ambient oddness comes from a later period - I particularly like the way he's squeezed in a bit of Eric B & Rakim. I apologise for the crackles, but I used to play this a lot in the dark...

Tom Waits: Frank's Wild Years (Aylan/Island, 1991)
This is taken from one of those Russian vinyl LPs that used to be all over the place before the invention of the internet and cheap CD imports. This label design is pretty impressive, no? Anyway, this is just the most perfect slice of bleakly comic, middle-aged ennui that's probably ever been recorded. As I write this, Jimmy Smith's Sermon is playing in the background and it makes me think how great those two would be together... Anyway.


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