Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 14

Louis Armstrong And The Mills Brothers: My Walking Stick (Decca, 1938)
I've been meaning to steal, wholesale, a track from these people and their very excellent album of 30s, 40s and 50s music for quite some time. But today, as the clouds gathered and broke and gathered and broke (again) outside the window, this particular track just leapt out. I think there's a double meaning to this whole, "I like my walking stick" thing - not a very rude one, no - but I might be wrong. Anyway, this is an Irving Berlin ker-lassic and it will please you on contact. It will!

Piroth: Emily (Oma Gusti Records, 2007)
This has been sat on my desk for about three weeks and it's only today that I finally got around to playing it. And it's really good! My goodness Piroth are good. If you liked the Meg Baird or Dawn Landes tracks you will be sold immediately. I'd tell you to buy the album, but it barely exists on the internet yet. There's more of 'em here though. Anyway, the mighty 'Roth are sisters Nina and Johanna. It says here that they grew up in Stockholm and have Finnish and Austrian family roots. Important info, right? They sing and play stuff and you sort of want to have a lie down and a bit of a gaze into space when you listen to them. As you are about to discover...


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Kanoff said...

His finger then, now yours
here, where master stopped, went back,
counted syllables.