Friday, June 29, 2007

Is That The Sun I See Shining?

Johnny Pacheco & Pete "Conde" Rodriguez: Mujer Ingrata (Fania, 1970)
Just for a moment there I thought I saw the sun come out. It was, admittedly, a bit like a dream, but there did appear to be a spot of sky above London that was coloured more like this than like this. So I put a rather agreeable record on and, for just a brief time, enjoyed my summer.

Then it started raining again. And, of course, now it's so cloudy it looks like midnight :(

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Anonymous said...

spent some of the day fishing from walton pier - rickety wooden structure poking into the sea on the essex coast. i remarked to my companion, that if i shut my eyes,(in between the rain) i could be in key west, playing this, and closing my eyes..........arse, it's still raining.