Friday, June 15, 2007

Hang On, This Record Is Good Too...

The Dragons: Pop's Bag (Ninja Tune, 2007)

This is taken from an album called BFI that was originally recorded in 1970, but never released. The Dragons all worked in The Beach Boys backing band. One track was on a rare (trans: cool) surf movie called A Sea For Yourself. DJ Food out of the Ninja Tune / Coldcut lot heard it, loved it tracked them down. It is now finally coming out in August.

The band are three brothers: Doug, Daryl and Dennis Dragon who grew up in Malibu. They wanted to - and I quote - "create their own psychedelic soul/rock masterpiece." It would appear they did. Sadly, no one gave a monkeys and it never came out. Later, Daryl hooked up with Toni Tennille and "The Captain" from Captain & Tenille. I am not making this up.

Anyway, enjoy!


Robert said...

What dear heart - two records you really like in two days!! Doesn't happen in your profession baby. Cant download this but probably dodgy broadband in terzo mondo.

Rob said...

I know - It's a bloody miracle. I wanted to post track two from the new Richard Hawley album, but Nice Sarah who looks after him told me she'd have me knifed in the chops if I tried it. I'll whack it on your iTunes when you get back - it rules! See you next week!